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With Who Moves, your search for IT & Tech employees will be easier than ever before. We create a holistic & digital solution tailored specifically to your needs and help you take your digital ventures to the next level.
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Services & Products

Digitization easier than ever before

For many companies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain access to highly qualified specialists in the course of digitization. Companies in unfamiliar regions around the world are particularly affected by this problem.
  • Consulting

    With our specially designed onboarding process, we analyze the root causes of your problems and support you not only in finding skilled employees, but also in implementing a sustainable digital infrastructure with our expertise.

  • Recruiting Platform

    Intelligent and novel algorithms make it possible to find top talent regardless of company size, location and name recognition. As a result, our fully automated platform also reduces the cost of this process.

  • Xpert Net

    Have the professional qualifications of your applicants assessed by our Xperts and thus minimize risks, costs and time losses that occur during your application process and slow down your project.

Our Process

With our technical approach and our holistic and digital process we want to give every company a possibility to get access to international and national skilled workers, in order to counteract the skilled worker problem in a long-term and sustainable way.
1. Onboarding

Within the onboarding process we analyze your problem with regard to digital processes and recruitment. Based on this, we develop a solution strategy tailored to your company in order to support you in the best possible way and in the long term.

2. Consulting

In addition to our expert knowledge in recruiting, we can advise companies on initial project development and implementation in the areas of software development, machine learning, data science, IT security, app development and cloud infrastructure. Thus, even non-IT specialized companies can move into digital areas.

3. Recruiting

Especially companies in more unknown regions have difficulties recruiting both international and national IT specialists. With our solutions, we can reduce hiring times, simplify access to talent, and serve as your long-term partner.

4.Xpert Net

You gain access to a network of vetted IT experts. The Xpert then takes over the evaluation of the applicant's professional competence in the context of a short assessment center, coding challenges or in a personal interview. This reduces the risk of a bad hire.

International IT Recruiting

IT experts from around the world

To drive digital innovation in your business you need not only an idea, but also the people to make it happen. We find the talent to make your innovation happen. Benefit from our global network of IT experts.

Our offers

Access to services & products from February 2021
For Flexible Recruitment

315€ / MO
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • 4 hours of consulting per quarter
  • 3 concurrent job ads
  • Access to Xpert Net
  • no content just padding
  • no content just padding

Minimum term 6 months

For a long-term partnership

Upon request
  • Customized Onboarding
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • 4 hours of consulting per quarter
  • Any number of job postings
  • Access to Xpert Net
  • Discount for subsequent products

Minimum term 12 months

Our Team

The faces behind Who Moves
Constantin Soffner
Constantin Soffner
Software development and IT architecture
Deniz Ates
Deniz Ates
Business strategy and Machine learning
Timo Gatta
Timo Gatta
Software development and IT security

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